Keep Austin Wyrd

Game Notes: 24-SEP-2011
Getting the band back together

Ignacio Popalopolis was introduced in his prison cell. Falsely accused, of course. His lawyer—unbeknownst to Iggy—came to release him. The payment? Meet for lunch later that day at a Mexican restaurant. The cuisine was later changed to Greek.

Heath Parker was introduced in his greenhouse. His visitor was a young lady who was collecting on some outstanding student loans. A chance to discuss payment plans? Meet for lunch later that day at a Greek restaurant.

Rufus Porter was introduced at his desk in the City Attorney’s office. His case? A punk teen girl with a promiscuous past with nearly every member of the staff (no pun intended). A quick read revealed that she was representing someone…otherworldly. A chance to talk more about the supernatural? Meet for lunch later that day at a Greek restaurant.

Iggy and Heath catch a bus and, in the midst of scaring every single passenger (appearance) while simultaneously inticing every underage passenger (plants, man…), the two catch up on old times. Rufus, being a bicycle snob, attempts to use his own transportation to cut the bus off at every turn.

The three meet up at the Green restaurant, and enter to…an empty restaurant. Duchess Fiona LeMann (hot) of the Summer Court awaits them at the furthest table. She offers them a scrumptious meal in return for a small favor. Iggy and Heath accept. Rufus agrees to split the bill and the tip, and perhaps spare a tiny portion of his soul to the servitude of the court.

The Duchess (hot) explains that her mortal servant/guardian has disappeared. Jessica “Rabbit” Stevens is a 60-something woman with a 20-something appearance. The Duchess (hot) is looking for the utmost discretion in looking for her lost mortal. When pried, she’s especially looking for Iggy to not blow up the Church of Scientology—who most likely has kidnapped/stolen her.

The three of them agree to the task, and set out to "Rabbit"s last known location—an above-garage apartment on the classier side of town. They enter through a locked door, courtesy of Iggy’s innate ability to use stiff business cards as crowbars. There is no sign of the “Rabbit”, but someone clearly lives in the apartment. After selecting a suitable plant with which to meditate, Heath looks carefully for residual magic. Turns out, there was a ward on the front door, and whomsoever was looking knows that the players entered.

Rufus talks to the garage/apartment owner, who is an ancient woman that complains that the Church of Scientology has been soliciting. In fact, they were soliciting a couple of days ago. Also, she hasn’t seen the “Rabbit” in a couple of days.

Heath does his plant mojo, and the leafy thing points toward the middle of UT campus as the last whereabouts of the “Rabbit”. The three amigos head out to look for her, and discover that the plant was pointing to a mostly-desolate area of the campus.

While alerting the entire campus that he’s going to break into the restricted access tunnels of campus, Iggy once-again uses a business card like a heat-seeking, lock-opening missile. Just as they’re about to walk through the doorway, Heath notices that there is another ward on the door. Throwing caution to the wind, the three of them go in anyway.

At the end of many hallways, they encounter another locked door. After knocking doesn’t produce a butler, Iggy gets impatient and cleaves the doorknob. They enter the room as two goons (dressed in the appropriate Cult of Scientology attire) draw their weapons, and a door closes as the other side of the room.

Iggy scares the pee out of one of the assailants, while Rufus follows up with a debilitating negotiation. Scratch one bad guy. Heath unleashes the vine handcuffs, and the second bad guy is rendered useless.

Another doorknob decapitation, and the second room is revealed. Unfortunately, it’s more of a broom closet. Highly-warded. Insanely magical. But a broom closet nonetheless.

A quick interrogation of the cultists reveals two important pieces of information: they have the “Rabbit”, and she’s the daughter of Merle Stevens, an important political figure.

The two cultist goons are instructed to turn themselves in to campus PD (when they arrive in a couple of hours), and Heath sets about to re-opening the magic portal in the broom closet. The players then step through.

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