Summer Court

The Summer Court in Austin

The Summer Court holds tremendous power in Austin, thanks – in large part – to the state’s lengthy warm months. The Winter Court, on the contrary, only has a small window where they wrest control from summer, though they are known to make what little time they have as harsh as possible. Summer court, lead by the Duchess Fiona LeMann, finds great appeal in the areas rolling hills, lakes, rivers, and warmth. Especially favorable to the Summer Court is Barton Springs, a natural pool that holds a steady 69 degree temperature year-round.

The Seat of Power

The Duchess’s seat of power is in the Nevernever. Its entrance is a secret closely held by the Court. It is said that it is a towering castle, always warm and always covered in and surrounded by native Texas plants. The castle is made out of the same pink stones that The Capitol has been built from, though it is likely that Summer’s castle has been there far longer than Texas has been around in any form.

The Duchess herself enjoys the mortal realm in the area, and prefers to conduct business in that realm, and often personally. She is a fan of the food and the oddness of the city. It is rumored that she spends more time in the mortal realm than the Nevernever (many “rumor mongers” of this sort have met ill ends). She carries out the Court’s business wherever the mood takes her, in any case. She is loathe to bring mortals into her realm.


The Summer Court is the top of the supernatural food chain in Austin. This gives them a great deal of advantage when dictating how the supernatural communities are allowed to move within and outside of the city. Part of Austin’s “weirdness” comes from the Court’s influence; in any given gathering of hippies, protesters, counter-protesters, art communities, student groups, or 6th Street revelers, there are likely fairies stirring things up.

Being at the top also means that they are frequent targets of political maneuvering. The Red Court vampires in Austin – arguably number two (though the strength of The Church of Scientology is difficult to measure) – are often maneuvering against Summer. This is a dangerous game, however, because the vampires are grossly outnumbered by the fey. Should the Summer Court decide to enter into open warfare against the Red Court in Austin, the vampires would be defeated in short order.

The other major player in town – the Scientologists – are harder to gauge, but they clearly pose very little threat at the moment to Summer’s rule.


Aside from the Duchess, other major players in the Summer court are:

Summer Court

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